My happy places at home: El Nido, Palawan

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”

Charles Spurgeon

My happy place at home number 2 is El Nido.

I’ve been to El Nido several times and whenever I land in this island paradise, it’s as if Joy envelops me. It’s enchanting limestone formations and the secret beaches are simply magical and the endless blue seas confirm the fact that it is the Philippines’ last frontier.

Staying in those high-end resorts in the islands offers packages that include full board and tours. Imagine opening your balcony and you see the limestone formations that look like little islands in the vast ocean that is so quiet and blue. You can choose to stay in the resort and enjoy the amenities including a guided mountain trek (do this early morning or late in the afternoon) or go island hopping (which is a must).

The big lagoon is simply breathtaking and kayaking in the small lagoon is surely an unforgettable treat.

I do not know how to swim so I dread being in the deep but with such a persuasive and reassuring guide, I ventured into my very first snorkelling experience in the deep and I can confirm that indeed, you’re in another world when you see what’s under the sea.

I brought my family to El Nido a couple of years ago to celebrate my birthday and we opted to stay in a main island resort with a beachfront. We all loved it! I realise there is more adventures to explore in the main island. We did the canopy walk to see 360 degree-view of El Nido. It was a thrilling experience!

Nacpan Beach is another discovery for us during that trip. It’s long stretch of white sand with beautiful bars by the beach gives you the front view of the magnificent sunset as you sip your mojito and bite the slice of pizza in your hand…oh my…you want time to stop to savour the moment!

A trip is never complete for me if there is no shopping. I am a self-confessed shopaholic and a must visit for those who love artistic souvenirs like me is Kalye Artisano. The items there are so lovely and unique you will never leave it empty-handed.

A beautiful hand-painted memento from Kalye Artisano in Lio.

Indeed, El Nido is my happy place number 2. Definitely, one of the places I will visit with my family again…very soon.

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