On endings and beginnings

“…Because in the end each end is also a beginning.”

Daniel Glattauer

Death is an ending of one’s physical being and the beginning of eternal rest. It is the end of life on earth and the start of the life beyond. We say goodbye because it is the end of what we used to do together but ever hopeful that we meet each other again in the heavenly realm.

The recent death of our mother at age 75 was very sad to say the least. No words can explain the sadness we felt and we continue to feel as there are yet too many things we want to do with her and for her…too many words we wanted to say…so many stories we wanted to share. We continue to do so but it is never the same.

The painful ending though sparked a new beginning for us siblings she left behind. It is the beginning of a collaboration in a venture we know would have given her joy if she was still around as the idea came up over 20 years ago but never took off. On a road trip, together in one car, the name of the small resort we decided to build came up – VirCris Resort – in honor of Virginio (our father who passed away 36 years ago) and Cristita (our mother). It will be built on the farm lot they left behind passed on to our mother by our grandparents. Certainly, a sentimental piece of land for the family.

It is our very first business collaboration together…each one sharing resources and talent to make this dream a reality. We had business ventures in the past but it was with one sibling or the other but never the four of us together.

Wealth or fame is never our aim here. Rather, it is honouring our parents and to create a channel where their generosity and compassion continue to flow.

2 thoughts on “On endings and beginnings

  1. Such a noble and “heart-full” beginning for VirCris Resort and Cafe Ms. Bing. There is no better way of honoring your parents than what you and your siblings are doing now… Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Family and friends who will frequent VirCris Resort and Cafe will surely feel the love this place has been built on. God bless the dream and collaboration between you and your siblings! 🙂


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